We begin by removing the tyre and recording the rotation of the tyre along with tagging the alloys and tyres against the customers name. The tyre is then inspected and unsafe tyres are reported to the customer. The customer is given the opportunity to source the tyres or we can supply the tyres at a competitive price. The wheel is then inspected for any cracks bends and buckles again the customer will be notified if there are any issues and costing’s will be notified. The wheel is finally stripped of any weights and valves. Wheels with tyre pressure sensors are marked to ensure correct replacements.


The wheels are stripped of any old paint as well as stubborn brake dust using a chemical solution. We then have a wheel free of any contaminents.


The wheel is then shot blasted to remove any corrosion and pitting on the surface and to provide a surface to accept the primer paints.


The wheel is now ready for the repair. The damage is identified and repaired using various processes, the wheels are then ready for the painting process.


The wheels are reheated to the required temperature allowing for any gases trapped in the cast aluminium to be released. The whole wheel is then primer powder coated and cured in a high temperature oven. The colour you have chosen or Manufacturers colour is then applied. A final coat of powder lacquer is applied and cured, this ensures the wheel is fully protected from the elements. The lacquer used is a particularly robust coating, and makes cleaning the wheels easy, once back in daily use.


The tyre is refitted and balanced using all new weights and valves and fitted back to the vehicle, depending on what type of service you have chosen.